Friday, March 23, 2012

Were you afraid this blog was about to get boring?

Not a chance!

Admittedly, it was quiet around here for the last few days.  Originally this post was going to be about how both of us have taken this week a little easier due to a mix of family issues, illness, exhaustion, etc.  Both of us took at least one extra day off of training and cut out a lot of the additional pre and/or post-class work.  We were planning to head up to Nonantum again this Saturday for Jess's sparring session and for me to get in a little work outside of the gym.  Things were running smoothly until the shiz (do the kids still say that?) basically hit the fan on Thursday.

First, I get an email from the H4H camp saying that my opponent has dropped out.  This is the second opponent in a month!!! Out of the running!  Again, the reason was pretty unclear...she didn't feel ready, couldn't fit in the training, etc. etc.  Not to put my bitch pants back on, but this girl accepted a fight and then three weeks later bailed on me, leaving me even LESS of a chance to find an opponent this late in the game!! If she didn't think she had enough time, she should have just said no to begin with so they could find someone else.  At this point, I feel like she's left me high and dry and that sucks.  And yes, this is the world of amateur boxing, I get that- but this is a charity fundraiser!  You'd think a commitment means a commitment...but apparently not.

So, whatever, I get bailed on again.  Let's attribute this to the fact that these girls MUST have been reading this wildly popular blog and were super intimidated.  I get it.

But THEN, to make matters even worse, we got notice later Thursday night that Jess's opponent ALSO DROPPED OUT!!

Ok, so now for those of you keeping score- this is the FOURTH girl to drop out of Haymakers since the beginning...

Round 1
Jess vs Opponent
Girl 1 vs Girl 2

Round 2
Jess vs Opponent
Nora Girl 1 vs Girl 2

Round 3
Jess vs Opponent
Nora vs Girl 2 Girl 3

Round 4
Jess v Opponent
Nora v Girl 3

Grow some balls, ladies!

On the one hand, Jess and I have already accomplished one of our goals which was to prove that we can rep the girly gym.  So far, we possess two attributes that four other girls have lacked-- 1) Work ethic/willingness to stick to training and 2) a willingness to step in the ring and actually fight. Yay for us!  However, that does not resolve the issue of WHO we will be fighting!

Right now a lot of ideas are being tossed around and we KNOW the H4H camp is working hard to find both of us new opponents....  Obviously, we would like to remain a part of the event, especially since we've been working so hard and Jess has already raised over $1,000 and sold tickets!

We will be keeping you all updated as we know more, but right now this whole thing is a big mess!

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