Sunday, March 18, 2012

Field trip!

This morning was a regular class/run/sparring morning at SB.  Happily for Jess,  a bunch of girls came to spar that were closer to her size.  While it is helpful for us to spar each other, Jess's H4H opponent is small, maybe even smaller than her, and it is helpful for her to get work in with other people.

After our workout we took a road trip with Julie to watch some of the Haymakers sparring at Nonantum Boxing Club in Newton.  

This was originally supposed to be the day where we got to meet our opponents in the ring, but due to the previously mentioned setbacks we didn't get to fight.  We did get to meet some of the other fighters and trainers, though, and we saw some great match-ups.  There are going to be some awesome fights on May 17th!


At this point in time it looks like Jess will be sparring her opponent next Saturday back at Nonantum, and I'll tag along to spar some of the girls from that gym just to get some experience outside Striking Beauties.  It is possible that my girl will be ready to fight next week too, but if not we're going to be looking into April (yikes!).

We also found out that we're going to be interviewed by Bob Neumeier, an NBC and Comcast sports correspondent.  These interviews will air prior to our fights on the 17th...  This might be causing me more anxiety than the fight!! What to wear?!

Bob Neumeier- our brush with fame (coming soon)

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