Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jess wanted to name this post: "I knew Nora would be the talker"....interpret that how you will.

Wednesday nights are perhaps the most exciting nights at SB.  Like Monday, we each put in a little work on our own (running, class) and then take Zach's boxing class.  Wednesday night classes are always packed to the gills, but most SB regulars are in attendance and there is usually some singing from Kris, dancing from Val, and sass-talk from Eva Lou to keep things moving.

Wednesday also includes sparring after class, which is starting to regain popularity now that a few of us are actually fighting.  Last night, we did some round robin sparring with Shelly.  Julie did not join us this time because she's too busy being a human punching bag for everyone in the greater Boston area who has a fight coming up!!

Anyway, on to what you really want to see.  Pictures of us either looking awesome or looking foolish...

Up first, a short clip of Jess and Shelly sparring....verdict: AWESOME!

Look at Jess's excellent head movement and slipping! That relentless rope work is paying off!

Next up, Me and Jess mid-spar...verdict: AWKWARD! I look like a giant.  I am indeed taller, but I think this photo is some kind of optical illusion...

Round 3... Me and Jess again....verdict: (buzzer noise) Awkward again, sorry Nora.  Although at first glance this looks cool, at second glance you will notice that Jess is approximately 15 feet away from me and does not have giant orangutan arms, thus making this move unnecessary.

Round 4... Me and Jess...verdict: FOOLISH! I am running away like a little girl:

Ok, I'll add one last shot just to make myself look moderately competent.  It's not that impressive or action-y, but my hands are up and I am in the center of the ring.  Good enough.

Here is another of Jess with Shelly:

Good stance and ready to throw down.  Nice.

Well, another exciting Wednesday down.  Check back next week to see evidence of Margie's first sparring session! Yes!

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