Thursday, March 15, 2012

A night in pictures

It was another usual Wednesday night training at SB, except we skipped sparring at the end of the night for an opportunity to watch Julie spar with pro boxer A. who is preparing for an upcoming fight.

Striking Beauties' own Jen Osojnicki, a professional photographer, took some great shots of the evening: 
A. warming up with my gloves! Woo!
Julie getting wrapped up
Enviable abs
Enviable slipping
A very tender moment between Zach and Julie
Enjoying the action- way to be a party pooper, Val!
You do NOT look like you're wearing a toupee in this picture
But you DO look like you're wearing a toupee in this picture
Post-spar chat
Overall, this was a great sparring session to watch and we learned a lot.  Plus, we were all extremely thankful that we didn't have to get into the ring with either of these two!! These girls are nasty (in an amazing way).  Thank you so much, Jen, for letting us use your pictures on this site! Everyone should check out Jen Osojnicki photography here!

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  1. It was a very tender moment. I was telling Zach that he smelled like an Italian sub.