Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday morning sweat

One of the big advantages we have training out of Striking Beauties is working with Jaime Clampitt, a world champion pro boxer.  To read more about Jaime, check out her bio on the Women's Boxing Archive Network here.  It's extensive, but it basically sums up how awesome she is without us having to list it all out here on the blog (also, how pretty is she?! What is with all these gorgeous girls also being amazing fighters?!).  If you want to get a taste of her in action watch this clip from her impressive win over Mia St. John in 2007:

Jaime vs. Mia St. John

Jaime is incredibly knowledgeable about the sport (obviously) and has a great talent for doling out advice to each of us based on our natural styles.  Working with her is so valuable and we jump at any opportunity to fit in a session with her!

This weekend we made the trek to Providence, along with Shelly, to work out at Balletto's and get in a little technique work with the champ...

Jess working on the bag

Jess working on the bag while Shelly works one-on-one with Jaime

Poor quality (or artsy?) shot of Shelly working with Jaime

One more step in the right direction!  Hopefully we'll get some more time in with her soon!

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