Wednesday, February 29, 2012

About Nora

Hi! I am a 28-year old full-time school psychologist at a middle school in Rhode Island. 

This is what I look like in real life (seen here with the hubs),
but chances are you will never, ever see me looking normal
 in a photo on this blog other than this one

I'm not a parent like Jess, but I do have two demanding pets I'm responsible for... That counts, right? (Okay, I know it doesn't! But aren't they cute?)

Welcome to the blog, Boo.


I was a swimmer in high school and college and have since participated in some short road races and triathlons to find an outlet for my competitive side, but nothing has filled this void as well as boxing.  I got into the sport almost two years ago, taking classes and participating in the occasional sparring session, but I've taken my training to a whole new level since being selected to fight in Haymakers.  After receiving the news at the end of January life has become a never-ending cycle of sleeping, working, and training, but I'm hoping to see results in May when I step into the ring.

Two days after the Haymakers event, I will also be participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, a two-day, 39 mile walk to raise money for breast cancer research! I participated in this event last year and absolutely loved it, but now my hope is to simply to survive the weekend by meeting all of my fundraising goals and being able to walk on May 21st!

With the Avon girls Mitch, Nic and Jess.
This year I promise I'll actually wear pink....

Welcome to our boxing blog!

We are Nora and Jess- two amateur boxers preparing for our first fights at a charity event in May.  We are working our tails off in the gym in preparation for Haymakers 4 Hope, a charity that raises money for the Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute and the Jimmy Fund.  Together we will raise $4,000 (or more!) for this worthy cause.  On a more selfish note, we're also hoping to bring a good name to our all-women suburban boxing gym! 

Our hope is that this blog can serve as our platform for keeping friends, family, and training buddies updated on our progress in the gym, our fundraising efforts, and give all our support people the shout-outs they deserve!