Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Boxing Nicknames

What's your boxing nickname? Are you a Hurricane like Jaime Clampitt Hayes, Brown Sugar like Belinda Laracuente, the Real Deal like Amanda Serrano, or Slick like Alicia Ashley?

Well if you're not sure ask Julie Anne Kelly, Kid Ginger, for some advice. She has a nack for naming boxers. She's got a nickname for Jess and is playing around with a few for Nora but she found one that has already stuck for one of the smallest people at the gym...Emmeline.

 Julie has studied her behavior and has dubbed Emme "the Honey Badger". Emme is pretty laid back but I don't know if she's as laid back as the Honey Badger - watch the below and you decide.

The Honey Badger don't care

watch as she climbs in slow motion


  1. Definitely nothing can stop the honey badger when she's hungry, but I have NEVER seen her eat a snake!

    1. I think this blog needs more Emmeline "The Honey Badger" Gravel

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