Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aaaaaand we're back!

After a confusing and scramble-y few days, it looks like Jess and I are right back where we were at this time last week.  Over the past few days it seems that a million different options have been thrown out about how to handle the loss of our two opponents.  There has been discussion of fighting each other at Haymakers, talk of fighting people with a few fights under their belt and then having us participate in a different event in April to gain experience, at one point there was an opponent for me, but not for Jess... It has all just been very confusing.

So you're saying there's a chance? Back to training for H4H!

Happily, we received notice from the H4H camp yesterday that they found new opponents for each of us!!  Yay! We don't have to fight each other!

From what we know, Jess's girl is slightly taller and weighs about the same- no problem!  My girl is apparently my carbon copy, which is weird.  I went from preparing for a tall girl who weighed much less than me, to a short girl who weight more than me, to! And she has the same style apparently.  A little bit of a mind F, but we still have six more weeks to train.

As always, these match-ups are dependent on seeing how we work against each other in a sparring event, so we're pushing to try to set up sparring for this weekend.   At this point, we just need to be told where and when to show up and we'll be good to go.

Also, to try to ensure that these girls stick around, we're going to employ a new strategy- we're going to locate these girls on Facebook and send them encouraging messages, like:

"You are doing GREAT!"
"Keep training! Don't quit! You can DO it!"
"You definitely look like you're going to kick my ass!"
"WOW! Don't let all this hard work go to waste by wimping out last minute!"

Fingers crossed!!

Thanks everyone for your concern about what would happen with the event (except my mom who I'm pretty sure just feigned concern... "Oh no! Will your fight be cancelled? That is just too bad!"...Nice try mom!!)

And on that note- fundraising continues (or for me, begins!!) Don't forget to check out our fundraising pages HERE.  Note that I have $0 to my name.  Aren't you sad for me?

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