Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I bored myself then changed the subject

Now that things are basically back to normal, we've resumed our typical training schedule.  Monday was run/class/technique and we'll be back to class/sparring tonight.  Nothing too exciting to report.

On Sunday we sparred with a girl from Maine who is flying out to Ireland this week to fight the Irish Amateur Boxing Champion.  It's always fun to watch people at the peak of their training and kind of fun to get in there for some rounds with them (just a bit tough on the face sometimes...).  Good luck to Liz this weekend!

In an H4H update, it looks like my sparring will be happening this Saturday and Jess's will take place some time next week because her girl has to have stitches taken out of her face.

I am getting bored just typing this.....

Ok, change of pace.  While Jess was writing her post about boxing nicknames she found lists of the worst boxing nicknames ever, which I think is amazing.  Here are some of the ones that popped up on most lists:

Joel “Love Child” Julio
Vaughn “Shake and Bake” Bean
Johnny Risko: “The Cleveland Rubber Man”
Henry “Sugar Poo” Buchanan
Calvin “The Boxing Banker” Brock
Darnell “Ding a Ling Man” Wilson
Tony “The Punching Postman” Thornton
Lance “Goofi” Whitaker
Donnell “The Real Touch of Sleep” Holmes
Wayne “Pocket Rocket ” McCullough
Chuck “Bayonne Bleeder ” Wepner
“The Pink Cat” Scott Walker
Anthony "Sugar Ray Clay Jones Jr” Small
Eric "Butterbean" Esch
Jerry "Wimpy" Halstead
Benny Leonard “Ghetto Wizard”
Damn, it's too bad "Sugar Poo" is already taken.   
Right now, Jess's nickname 'round the gym is Homebrew, due to her husband's delicious and abundant home brewed beer.  This has also lately been shortened to Homey, which is also very fitting for Jess.
There have been nickname suggestions for me, but none have really stuck.  Sometime last year the girls called me Knuckles, but this worked best when I was accompanied by Sarah "Sonic."

C. Sau has major glitter skills

Julie also suggested Nora "the Norovirus" as in, "I'll make you s*t your pants"...but that's kind of a mouthful.  (Ew, that sentence was unintentionally gross).  
Anyway, I am currently taking suggestions! Let's open this up to the public!


  1. How about Nora "Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner" Swartwout?

    Nora No Diggity??

  2. That could be the song I walk out to! No diggity, no doubt.

    Also, Nora nosebleed but that's really the opposite of intimidating and gives away my biggest weakness!!