Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pear Shape Bag

So, I've taken some (good natured) heat for not knowing the name of "the small, heavy bag that swings around"....Apparently, this bag is known as the Slip Bag (ok, duh) or the Maize Bag.  Julie was telling us about how this was one of Mike Tyson's favorite training tools.  In a search for some Mike Tyson footage, I found this:

I think this video is kind of redundant because that's basically what I looked like doing it, but whatever.

Here is a really old video of Mike Tyson which is pretty cool, too:

Killer montage at the beginning.  I would love to make something like that for me and Jess, since I think that's basically how we both feel right now!

Just as an update to training- today was "train on your own" time so I believe Jess had a long run day and I did trainer Jess's conditioning class and then Pilates (non-stop planks!).

Tomorrow morning back to some boxing and what sounds like a big morning of sparring with some Golden Gloves champs!

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