Sunday, March 11, 2012

Damn you, time change!

So, today's epic sparring session ended up being a total dud. Out of the list of about 6 fighters slated to come, no one showed!!! Some were sick, others were coming from really far away, but I swear some people simply forgot about the time change.  In the end we just fit in a few rounds of light technique/sparring and shadow boxing after class.  In hindsight, it was probably good to give our bodies a bit of a rest and we'll get some rounds in tomorrow night.

Also on the plus side, it gave us some time to brainstorm about fundraising events and we have some ideas in the works.  Keep checking back for more information about how you can participate/donate to the cause! In the meantime, there are really sexy Haymakers 4 Hope tank tops available for sale at Striking Beauties for $10 and all money goes to our fundraising efforts.  There are also Livestrong-type rubbery bracelets available for $1, and that's cool if you buy one, but c'mon... we know you can do better than that.  Unless you plan on buying 4,000 of them in which case, THANK YOU!

Check out pics of the merch above and feel free to contact Nora, Jess, or Dena if you'd like to buy a tank or bracelet!

If you're interested in how these tanks will look in action, check out these modeling shots.  It was cute- we wore them on the same day.  Twinsies!

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