Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There's about to be a ... what?!... girl fight!

We're closing in on our last few days before SPARRING DAY! After many reschedules and cancellations, Jess and I are now both sparring our H4H opponents on Thursday night and thankfully Zach and Julie will both get to be in attendance. 

On Sunday we had a sort of "ladies (sparring) night" at Balletto's gym hosted by Jaime, which was an awesome opportunity to get in some sparring with different girls.  As we've mentioned before, Jaime is hosting a show in April and many of our friends/training buddies will be fighting (Zach, Dena, Shelly), so she had a big group of ladies of all sizes and experience levels for us to work with.

Jess was really excited to spar after a few weeks off!!

We also came decked out in Striking Beauties and Haymakers gear so we looked like a really cool gang.  I'm posting this despite my ridiculous face.  You're welcome.

Us with Shelly

A big thank you to Jaime and all the girls at Balletto's for putting in some good work!  We're looking forward to getting in the ring and finally getting this out of the way Thursday night!

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