Thursday, April 19, 2012


Jess and I have the unique opportunity to pick songs to walk out to for our fights at Haymakers- something that is not commonplace at amateur fights! We are both having a tough time selecting songs, and we're looking for your help!

Personally, I have been toying with four characteristics that could make a good walk-out song... (1) relevant lyrics (something having to do with boxing/fighting), (2) something that is relevant to me, (3)  the ability to get me pumped up (4) something tongue in cheek that at least makes me laugh...

As always, I am frozen with indecision and have over 10 possible songs picked out...

Jessica envisions walking out to the ring will be a lot like this:

We have until April 29th to make a decision, so please vote for a song for each of us at the right side of the blog.  Polling ends on April 27th...

This is important!!! Please help!
Note: This is not as important as buying TICKETS!!!  You can do that here:

Tickets for Jess

Tickets for Nora

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