Monday, April 30, 2012

Boxing for Blood Cancers

We have had a few BIG days this week!

Thursday night's Boxing for Blood Cancers show was a huge success! Jaime put on an amazing event and the turn-out was unbelievable!  Everybody fought hard, but the big wins of the night went to Dena and Zach! Both fighters were amazingly calm and composed and stuck to their game plans, which obviously worked to their advantage.  They also both wore matching tulip skirts.  Maybe that's the key to winning?

Dena (in the pink shorts) vs. Jeanine

Zach in white and red shorts
Dena's win announcement:

Striking Beauties Shelley, Janice, and Becca also put on great shows and had a HUGE fan base cheering them on :)

Jess with Shelley and Maria

Shelley satisfying a creepy fan.  Sorry if this is someone's husband, but he was drunk and wanted to challenge Shelley to a fight.  This was all we could do to get him to go away.

Janice warming up with Zach

Becca (in pink shorts) vs Heather

My shoes also made their first sanctioned fight debut Thursday night!

Lookin' good, shoes! (On Becca)

It was fun for us to sit back, watch, and cheer like crazy...but it also made reality sink in a little bit! We are fighting in less than 3 weeks!!!!!!  It's business time!

More Fight Photos:

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