Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some eye candy for the fellas this time...after the picture of the blood....

Sorry, everyone, for the brief hiatus! I hope you're all still keeping up with us- we're coming into our final stretch!! 32 days to go until FIGHT NIGHT!!

This week was more of the usual- class, running, sparring, etc...But there's been EXTRA blood this week from both me and Jess!  Jess opened up her nose sparring Golden Gloves champ Mel on Wednesday night and I had a gusher tonight working with Heather from Balletto's...

I think this was bloody tissue #4....
Tonight was another great ladies' sparring night at Balletto's with Jaime and some of the girls that will be fighting in her show on April 26th.  It's been fun getting in with them and mixing things up- we're really excited to watch them fight in a few weeks!

In the thank you department, I would like to give a shout-out to Tracey Pierce for contributing to H4H!! Tracey is not just a really pretty face and, let's face it, super hot body.... She's also a kick-ass personal trainer at Striking Beauties, award-winning real estate agent, and hilarious mom of the cutest little guy EVER!!  She is all-around awesome!

Another amazing photo by Jen Osojnicki Photography!!!
Also, how gorgeous are these two?!?!

Thank you, Trace!!! You are the best!!

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