Sunday, April 1, 2012

I lied, some exciting things have happened lately

I got so wrapped up in my boring post from earlier this week I forgot two exciting events that happened over the last week!

First, on March 22nd pro fighter A. fought at Twin River Casino (we're keeping her anonymous so that her opponents can't scope her out via google).  A. is a friend of Striking Beauties and comes in to spar occasionally.  Here she is sparring our very own Julie and showing off her crazy abs...

Here I am looking like an ass sparring A. whilst dressed as a bumblebee (notice the construction paper stinger).  I like to keep things interesting at the gym.

Congratulations to A., who won her fight despite the other girl's very bizarre fight style!

On Monday, Jess and I participated in a taping of the local segment The Rhode Show to talk about Haymakers 4 Hope and Jaime Clampitt's upcoming boxing show that is raising money for Leukemia and Lymphoma.  I can't speak for Jess, but I know I came across as super awkward and uncomfortable in my little piece.  Also, I was mesmerized by the interviewer's gorgeous eyes!  Seriously, are they contacts?

Apparently this is going to be airing tomorrow morning at 9am on WPRI channel 12.  You will not want to miss us in all our awkward glory.  I'm not even talking about the interviews, there is also a "scene" where  Jess, Jaime, Julie and I casually walk into the gym from the parking lot wearing much classier outfits than we would EVER wear to the gym.  ALSO the little "coming up" teaser where I throw a fake punch at the camera! Oh my god I am cringing even thinking about it.

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