Friday, April 6, 2012

Sparring Night

Last night Jess, Zach, and I headed up to Boston Boxing in Brighton to FINALLY have our H4H sparring match!

Enjoy this picture because it took me an unreasonably long time to take and Zach and Jess ridiculed me

Boston Boxing is a pretty big place and it was absolutely PACKED! Jess and I draw a big crowd, apparently.  Besides the Boston Boxing patrons a few of the other H4H fighters were there- one other men's pair was sparring yesterday and there were a few others from Combat (I think?) there to watch and work out.  It was cool to get out of SB and fight in front of a big crowd of people on unfamiliar turf.  Even though I'm sure most people weren't watching at all, it still gave you that "packed house" feel - good practice for fight night!!

Highlight of the night
One of the Haymakers fighters this year is Max Lane, a former Patriots football player.  He is a giant man and a bit of a celebrity among the Haymakers camp because he is a professional athlete and the rest of us are mere mortals.

Anyway, Mr. Lane and I were both waiting in line for the bathroom at the gym (classy) and HE said that he recognized ME from somewhere, so I jokingly said, "Well, I was on a little program called the Rhode Show, not sure if you've heard of it" .... and he said "Oh yeah, that IS where I've seen you" !!!!!  So, Jess and I have reached legitimate celebrity status as we are now being recognized by fellow famous people. No big deal.

I think our match-ups were pretty good.  I can't speak for Jess, but personally I felt like this was just a glimpse into what the actual fight will feel like.  This wasn't light, stay loose, throw some jabs sparring. For me, this was an all out brawl and I'm actually pretty sore this morning.  I also find it hard to describe what it's like in there.  I felt like all my composure and technique went straight out the window.  I'm eager to watch the video of the match to see what I actually looked like and what I need to work on.  Win or lose, I think my fight will be pretty close and should be a good show (BUY TICKETS!)

Jess was also pretty matched with her girl, even though her opponent is taller.  To me, it seemed like Jess was stronger and had better movement.  I have my money on Jess, but will be a pretty exciting fight (BUY TICKETS!)

Jess (black headgear) and her opponent

 Also, props to Zach who was a very calming presence in our corner, even when I didn't know how to swallow water with my mouth guard in and it sprayed all over his face.

Jess getting some TLC in the corner

If you weren't already swayed by my subliminal messages, I think you should BUY TICKETS to the Haymakers for Hope event on May 17th at the House of Blues!!!  I promise that Jess and I will each put on an awesome show and after seeing a bunch of the men spar, there are going to be lots of really close match-ups there too.  Also, you can see my fellow famous person Max Lane fight another giant- how often do you get to see that? Not often enough, my friends.


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