Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ok, too many words and not enough pictures on this one...SORRY!

Perhaps obnoxious, self-promotional blog posts aren't very convincing of this...but I think I can say that neither Jess nor I particularly love being the center of attention.  I can actually attest to the fact that I HATE it (I was a strong advocate for jumping straight to the drinking and partying portion of my wedding and doing away with every "pay attention to us" aspect, but alas, tradition won out...)

This dislike of the spotlight became a little complicated since signing up for Haymakers, as one of the unexpected pieces that has come along with participating in H4H has been a huge amount of attention, both on ourselves and on Striking Beauties!

I won't speak for Jess, but I always imagined my first fight would be very under the radar- maybe at a local show like the one Jaime just hosted.  I would train exactly like I'm training now, but I would tell NO ONE and maybe, just maybe, if I won I would tell a couple people what I had accomplished.

Obviously, when signing up for Haymakers we knew that this couldn't possibly be kept a secret, mostly because we needed to fundraise and get people to buy tickets; however, I don't think either of us really understood how huge this would all become!  Family members and friends, acquaintances from work and school....everyone seems to know about this upcoming event!

That's not even mentioning the amount of attention that's come through the gym! We've had interviews  with the Rhode Show and the Sun Chronicle.  We had an amazing photo sesh with Jen Osojnicki photography and we've had the Myerson boys coming down to take pictures of us during class...

AND we're fighting at the frigging HOUSE OF BLUES!  I just google imaged it and threw up a little in my mouth...

Ultimately it is GREAT to bring publicity to the true importance of this event- raising money and awareness for the Jimmy Fund and the Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute, but we also really want to f*ing win!!!! And we want to make our Striking Beauties family proud (as mentioned in our last post) for both supporting us and putting up with us being gym divas and "Hollywood" (as Zach calls us).

In the final week (and few days) of training one huge step that we both need to take is settling ourselves mentally and preparing to get in, let our training take over, and be satisfied with the result, win or lose.

Dena, Striking Beauties' owner, had a very nice thing that she wanted to post on the blog, but couldn't figure out how (ah, Dena- how we love you!):

"There's no losing in this fight girls! You both have dedicated so much of your time over the past couple of months - training, fundraising, traveling for press ops...whatever it took to make the Haymakers for Hope event a success. And sure, we want you both to win your debut fights (and we 
are pretty confidant that will happen!!) but honestly, we are so proud of you both, how hard you have trained, how you have transformed into such skillful boxers and how proudly you have represented Striking Beauties, that when the final bell rings at the end of Round 3, your SB fan club will be screaming, cheering and thinking "Damn those girls are an inspiration!" Love you both!!!"

Now, in order to keep my heart from pounding while I think about stepping into a ring in front of some ginormous number of people, I'll post some relaxing photos for you all to enjoy:

Babies and flowers!

Puppies in sunglasses! (She thinks she's people!)

Kittens in boxes!

Babies in glasses!

Refreshing alcoholic beverages (from way long ago!)

Ok, I feel better already! 9 days to go!

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