Thursday, May 3, 2012

Maybe it was the one sip of Mr. Gravel's home-brewed beer...but we're feeling a little sentimental!

We've been giving some individual shout-outs on the blog, but we'd like to take a minute to extend a sincere thank you to everyone at Striking Beauties!

It's hard to even know where to begin this post... We have both been working really, really hard and everyone at Striking Beauties has been there every step of the way- it's been overwhelming!

We've had sparring partners in Dena, Shelley, Val, Becca, and Janice....

Class encouragement from Magen, Eva Lou, Laura, Lisa, Margie, and Tracey....

and little shout-outs of encouragement and inspiration from people we've barely even met!

Jen Osojnicki volunteering her time (and freezing her fingers and toes off) to photograph us and make us look like pretty boxers :) You're secret and amazing photo location is safe with us!

Zach volunteering coaching time, even at 6am!!!!!

Not to mention EVERYONE'S help in getting us (ok, Nora) to the $2,000 minimum each.  From the beginning of this whole process they have taken the mentality that we are "their" fighters and that they were going to support us and get us to our fundraising goals.  People have donated to our pages, many people have purchased tickets (eek!) and tonight Mary and Dena organized an amazing fundraiser that finally put us over our goals.  The turnout was unbelievable and the prizes that people donated were so generous!

Emme getting into the fundraising party spirit.
I'm actually surprised that balloon didn't lift her off the ground!

Emmeline loves hitting the bags at SB

In the end- it's all about raising money and awareness for the Jimmy Fund and the Dana Faber Cancer Institute, but win or lose we at least want to make our Striking Beauties family proud of us!! We promise you guys we will be putting in every last ounce of effort for the last two weeks! We are so excited and proud to be representing Striking Beauties at Haymakers for Hope on May 17th.

We can't thank you all enough!!!  

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